News and Updates from My Trip to El Paso

My recent trip to El Paso for the debut exhibition of my Uncle Jake’s paintings and for my presentation about his life at the El Paso Museum of Art was a roaring success! So many people wanted to see Uncle Jake’s art that admittance had to be restricted.

It was standing room only in the 200-seat auditorium where I spoke and read excerpts from my novel, The Long Shadows. The museum staff tells me this was a record turnout.

Tears came to my eyes as I stood onstage and looked out over the darkened auditorium. I felt multiple generations of my family standing there with me, celebrating Jake’s remarkable life and applauding his accomplishments. I felt incredibly proud to have played a part in bringing his memory alive once more.

Sharing Jake's Story

Sharing Jake’s inspiring life story.

I worried that people might get bored; not by my stories about Jake’s life but by my prose. Judging by the audience reaction and subsequent feedback, my worries were unfounded. The crowd’s reaction was reinforcing and invigorating.

When I arrived for the book signing, I found a long line of people waiting for me with their freshly-purchased copies of The Long Shadows in hand. It was thrilling! The museum had previously increased its book order three separate times, but we still sold out every copy; another first for them. I also received a large order for books from the airport shops in El Paso.

El Paso Book Signing

The book signing was great! We sold every copy.


The media coverage in El Paso has been and continues to be marvelous. We’ve also started reaching out to the national media. I’ve already recorded my first national interview on the Cover to Cover radio show on Sirius Radio. The interview will air sometime in July. Stay tuned for details.

The Long Shadows Cover Onscreen

My presentation drew a standing room only crowd.


I am so grateful to the museum staff for all their help, for the inspiring exhibit of Jake’s art and for making it possible for me to share his extraordinary story. I am also grateful to the people of El Paso for their enthusiasm about my uncle’s art, my presentation and my book. This has been a truly memorable experience.