Jake Makes Aliyah!

My Uncle JakeIn my book, The Long Shadows:  The Story of Jake Erlich, I describe the great pride my Uncle Jake took in his Jewish heritage and the history and traditions of the Jewish people. So it seems only fitting that I’ll be bringing Jacob Reuben Erlich’s remarkable story to Israel this November, when I appear as a guest speaker at Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, a community center for all English speakers in the Netanya region that’s affiliated with the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI). 

My session, entitled “The Long Shadows:  The Life and Times of Jacob Erlich,” is scheduled for Sunday, November 17, at 10.30 a.m.  In my presentation, I’ll be sharing highlights of Jake’s remarkable life and the challenges he faced as one of the world’s tallest men of his time.

AACI is a wonderful organization, whose mission is to help North American immigrants acclimate to Israeli society and to build strong ties between North American Jewish communities and Israel.  If you’re in the Netanya region (located 30 km north of Tel Aviv and 56 km south of Haifa), please do stop by and join us.