My Perspectives on Multiculturalism in USA Today

You know that multiculturalism has hit the mainstream when major brands such as Benetton, Cheerios and Coca-Cola reflect our nation’s rapidly changing demographics in their advertising campaigns. Now, as noted in the March 10 edition of USA Today, “Honey Maid will jump on the diversity bandwagon with a far-reaching campaign…that raises the use of diversity in mainstream ads to a whole new level.”

Perspectives on Multiculturalism

I’m pleased to be quoted in the article as saying, “The big brands are coming to the conclusion that diversity in America is inevitable. This horse has left the barn.” This is a wonderful opportunity to reach a broad and highly diverse national audience with my perspectives on multiculturalism, a subject I’ve been researching and writing about for decades. You can read the USA Today article, entitled “Diversity reaches new levels in Honey Maid ads,” here on the USA Today Website.

Ellen Noël Art Museum Presents an Exhibit of Jake’s Painting of Circus Life

I’m pleased to report that Jake’s artwork continues to draw attention and praise, most recently at the Ellen Noël Art Museum in Odessa, Texas, which held an exhibition of Jake’s art from September 10 – November 8. As the museum noted on their events page, “In viewing the paintings, one obtains a glimpse of the unique perspective of a unique individual and learns about courage and character reflected in the artist’s work.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Here are some photos of the exhibition and Jake’s  paintings.

Jake's Paintings Exhibited at the Ellen Noël Art Museum

Jake’s Paintings Exhibited at the Ellen Noël Art Museum